Solana Flips Cardano: Crypto Community Reacts With Excitement!

• Solana (SOL) is gaining popularity as it edges closer to flipping Cardano (ADA), a significant milestone in the crypto market.
• Twitter sentiment suggests a growing hype for Solana, while Cardano investors lament their lack of marketing compared to Solana.
• Despite its recovery, Solana has still not reached the $33.20 it traded at in early November.

Solana Generates Excitement

Solana (SOL) is quickly becoming one of the most talked about coins in the crypto space as it edges closer to flipping Cardano (ADA), a significant milestone in the crypto market. As of July 18, 2023, Solana’s market capitalization is $10,282,533,516 with each SOL token priced at $25.54 – representing a 16.28% increase over the past week – while Cardano’s market capitalization is 10,772,611,760 with each ADA token priced at $0.3079 and 6.01% growth over the same period. If successful in flipping Cardano and retaining its position, SOL will become the 7th biggest crypto token by total market cap .

Twitter Reactions

The development has generated significant excitement amongst Twitter users with many expressing their anticipation for what comes next if Solana flips Cardano successfully . On the other hand some Cardano investors have acknowledged this possibility but lamented on their project’s lack of aggressive marketing strategy compared to that of Solana’s which has helped propel it into the limelight .

Aftermath of FTX Collapse

Since the FTX collapse in November 2020 , Solana has suffered a crash due to its close relationship with the exchange and despite its recovery , it still hasn’t managed to reach back up to its previous trading level at $33.20 from early November .

Ecosystem Developments

Despite this setback , there have been some interesting developments within its ecosystem such as new partnerships and integrations that could help further boost its appeal going forward .


Solanas rising popularity continues to generate buzz amongst cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are eagerly awaiting how this story unfolds when it comes to whether or not they can flip Cardano successfully or not . The coming weeks should provide more clarity on this matter and what kind of impact that could have on both projects going forward .