CCP Games Raises $40M for New Web3 MMO—But Gamers Skeptical

• CCP Games raised $40 million from top venture capitalists to develop a new Web3 MMO game set within the universe of its hit title, EVE Online.
• Gamers have reacted with skepticism, claiming that the new title does not offer anything new and that the sole addition of web3 is immutability, which is not enough to pique gamers‘ interest.
• Despite this lukewarm reception, some fans are touting the studio’s move to Web3 as revolutionary.

CCP Games Raises $40 Million

CCP Games recently raised $40 million in a funding round led by venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). The game studio stated that it would use the capital to scale its research-and-development team to create a new Web3 MMO game set within the universe of its hit title, EVE Online.

Gamers React with Skepticism

Crypto Twitter and gamers have reacted with skepticism towards CCP Games‘ announcement. Many aren’t keen on a popular traditional gaming company integrating blockchain technology and have shared their concerns online, claiming that the new title does not offer anything new. Some bluntly expressed that being „Web3“ doesn’t make a game fun and that these benefits from the technology are already possible with Web2 technology.

Some Fans Tout CCP’s Move as Revolutionary

Despite this lukewarm reception from gamers, some fans are touting CCP’s move to Web3 as revolutionary. They recognize that features like Play-to-Earn, digital assets, and more will be enabled by blockchain technology and can benefit players in ways traditional platforms cannot offer. This view has been echoed by other developers in the industry as well who believe blockchain could bring more transparency and fairness into gaming experiences.

Benefits of Integrating Blockchain Technology

Integrating blockchain technology into video games offers many advantages for users such as increased player autonomy through asset ownership on distributed ledgers; decentralized governance mechanisms for greater transparency; interoperable assets across different titles; and stronger security measures against hacks or censorship due to immutability. These features can also open up opportunities for developers to monetize their creations through tokenized rewards or incentivizing user engagement with tokens or NFTs (non-fungible tokens).


In conclusion, while there is no denying institutional interest in developing AAA titles on blockchain platforms, gamers are still asking for tangible benefits beyond hype words such as “web3” or “blockchain” when assessing which projects they should invest their time in playing. Ultimately only time will tell if these investments will pay off both for investors and players alike!